Brave News headline contains typo

This is an issue I found while browsing the news on the home page. I’m new to the community, if anyone sees an issue with my post or has tips on tags/categories please let me know.

Description of the issue:
Brave news features a headline which contains a typo. When clicking the article link, the actual article has a different headline.

Steps to Reproduce:
Launch Brave
2. Scroll down to see news
3. (article I found was from BBC, titled “US asks China to do more to top rising drug deaths from fentanyl”. could be any article) Select an article, noting the headline Brave gave it.
3. Click the link, and note the actual headline on the article.

Actual Result:
Brave news headline: US asks China to do more to top rising drug deaths from fentanyl

actual headline on BBC page: US asks China to do more to stop rising drug deaths from fentanyl

Expected Result:
headlines on Brave and actual news sites should match

Reproduces how often:
I would guess this only happens when the news site edits their headline. I’m not sure how often that is. Most other articles have matching headlines.
Brave Version:
Brave release - V1.38.111

Reproducible on current live release:
Yes (updated browser to V1.38.115, took this screenshot)


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