Brave needs Google Services?

Hello Community,

I wanted to use Brave but learned that I need a Google-Phone (Google Services) to use brave. I don’t understand this. Why is brave not availabe in the APP GALLERY? To put it the other way around: if I have a Google Phone I don’t need Brave since I get tracked anyway.

Perhaps somebody can help here?
Kind regards Stephan

@stephan100 I am not sure what you’re asking. Brave officially is only through their website or on App Stores. You can technically get the APK from Brave’s Github and install, but you may not be able to do things like earn Rewards if you are using a phone without Google Play and official Android.

In addition, you could kind of set things up so you’re using a phone that has Linux, in which case you’d install Linux version of Brave to it.

Thank you very much for your help. Maybe I did not express clearly what my concern is. We find different Android App Stores, e.g. F-Droid (open source) or APP GALLERY (by Huawei), APK-Monk (open source) and others.

If I use e.g. DuckDuck I find it in F-Droid (no GMS required) and also in Google’s App Store (also no GMS required). That makes me feel good.

I run a “degoogelt” Phone/ Tablet/ Computer. And I feel uncomfortable to install Apps which require GMS to function properly. At the end of the day Brave sends a messages: “I do not run properly without GMS”.

I hope this makes my concern more clear. Thank you very much for your help!!

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