Brave keeps reinstalling itself?

Recently, I had to delete Brave Browser from my computer (not due to anything wrong with it- it worked very well while I was using it.) However, a few days after deleting its system file and emptying the recycle bin, it showed back up in my program files! This isn’t that much of a problem, but it is strange and a little sketchy. Is there anything I can do to make sure Brave is removed from my computer for good?

You don’t mention actually uninstalling it. Are you just simply deleting folders or have you gone through Windows’ Control Panel such as below?

I just like to make sure I’m not going with any assumptions here, so I want to clarify what you’re doing. If you’re simply deleting some files, then it’s possible you’re leaving things like the auto updater in tact, which is then installing/updating Brave.

If you have gone through and actually done the uninstall process, it shouldn’t be coming back.

It worked- thanks so much! (I have a feeling this was a very basic thing I was ignorant about, so thank you for your tolerance as well.)

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