Brave Installation Data Increases After Every Update

I’m on Windows 10, using the latest Brave release.

The initial Brave browser installation contained about 550mb, but after each updater, installation data increases, to the point that it reached to 1GB already.

I do not know what it is, Microsoft Edge does not have such issue.

hello, how can I check mine as well?
I wanna see how much data I’m currently with my installation of brave. thanks

@tomsmtp ,

File System (folder) - can grow to be LARGE and require attention:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\File System\

Folder ...appdata\local\BraveSoftware\...\File System\ is too big (12Gb!) - #3 by grandemonio

Hi, in program files —> BraveSoftware

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Can you please tell how to resolve?

This is irritating

@tomsmtp ,

Click on the link. Read up and down the resulting page, re what others have done.

For me

492MB C:\Users\pc\AppData\Local
284MB C:\Program files

Go to brave://settings/clearBrowserData and clear data

@CerealLover Hi, have you checked this?

Clearing browser data doesn’t help in my case

ok thanks… currently mine has around 700MB size…
I’ll monitor it in future brave updates

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