Brave Creators - Uphold Bulgaria Verification

In the past my brave creators account was verified and registered through a custodial account in Uphold, but since ca 1 year is not , despite the fact that Uphold offers its services in Bulgaria.
Why the list here shows that Bulgaria is not supported for Uphold though that Uphold officially support that country - Bulgaria?

It is because, even though a region is supported by Uphold, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be supported by Uphold for Brave rewards. It is because of added complications by rules & regulations in each region, scams and frauds in the Region and many other factors.
For example, India was still supported by Uphold for making new accounts last year, but in June the support for connecting to Uphold in Brave rewards was halted for India.

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Thanks for the information. So there is difference between Uphold and Uphold for Brave rewards. It is not encouraging at all. In the latest months Bulgaria had an attack on Nexo and they’ve decided to exclude Bulgaria from their supported regions. Maybe if the regulations change we will see return of Brave rewards in Bulgaria.

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Absolutely. Actually from what has been said on Community calls, Brave has a big list of regions to get back soon. They’re waiting on Uphold to re enable the regions. Also for getting latest updates on unsupported regions, you an follow the PSA →

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