Brave creators referral

I have referral on august, but it’s not confirmed. Why this is not list on confirmed ?

Can you DM me the email linked to your account? Thanks!

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Remember that references from August will be reflected in September, since people who downloaded Brave in August must use it for more than 30 days and then they will appear confirmed to charge in October. Maybe those references that you have not yet reached 30 days of use

As i remember , my referral are my friends and I refer them august 4. So it means its 1 month already.

Sometimes the references usually appear confirmed a day later or at least that has happened to mine, as long as those references have used Brave properly in those 30 days it will be confirmed, my recommendation is that you wait until tomorrow

Payment is made based on the last day of August. That’s why a full month is not counted. @steeven hecks though, you must send a DM. :wink:

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