Brave crashes on startup in Mac

Keep running into issue when i try to launch brave on my Mac. It immediately crashes on startup. Was able to see this in the terminal

Last login: Tue Jul 18 20:52:46 on ttys000

/Applications/Brave\\ Browser ; exit;

farsheedtarapore@Farsheeds-Air ~ % /Applications/Brave\\ Browser ; exit;

[34878:259:0718/] Cloud management controller initialization aborted as CBCM is not enabled.

[0718/205935.603519:WARNING:in_range_cast.h(38)] value -634136515 out of range

[0718/] UniversalExceptionRaise: (os/kern) failure (5)

[34896:259:0718/] Invalid PlatformChannel receive right

[34895:259:0718/] Invalid PlatformChannel receive right

[34897:259:0718/] Invalid PlatformChannel receive right

zsh: trace trap /Applications/Brave\\ Browser

Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


Deleting expired sessions…none found.

[Process completed]

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@yousurname @userb can you confirm your Brave version and OS?

OS Ventura 13.4.1
Apple M2 - Macbook Air

Not sure how to confirm Brave version as i have no means of opening Brave. If there is another way to do that let me know. What I can tell you is i started seeing this issues ~2-3 weeks ago. There were some brave updates for me to install and after installing and trying to re launch brave i started seeing the issue.

Can you please try launching Brave from the Terminal with a new test profile and see if the browser still crashes? You can do this using the following command in the terminal:

open -a "Brave" -n --args --profile-directory="testprofile"

Thank you this helped. I was able to get it to load. Do i need to do anything else? It seems after this whenever I launch brave I am in a guest mode and need to chose a profile to use Brave. Is this now expected behavior

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If you select your default profile (the one you’ve been using before creating the test profile) now, does the browser open as intended (and stay open)?

Yes now it does work with any issues. Thanks for the help on this

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You’re very welcome. Going to leave this thread open for now in case the issue occurs again.

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I’ve got the exact same issue on my M2 Pro Mini, with Brave. The only way to fix it seemed to be to delete the ‘delete the Users/[your user name]/Library/Application support/BraveSoftware folder’ and then recreate / reconfigure Brave.
This seems very similar to the bug reported on Windows here.
It looks the same as when I suffered the issue the uBlock Origin extension went yellow. Since the last rebuild I’ve turned that off and reduced the amount of add block filters I had ticked as ‘on’ I’m hoping that the fixes that were applied to the Windows build can be applied to the macOS build too?

After removing your user data folder does the browser now work? Can you also share any crash reports from brave://crashes here so I can take a look?

When the problem occurs removing the data folder does allow Brave to work, but as that completely resets Brave I have to reconfigure it completely - all settings, reload and configure all extensions.
When it does crash out it locks, freezes and crashes out so I’m not able to get to brave://crashes.
I have ‘cured’ it for now by disabling the uBlock-Origin extension and only using a few blocking sources within Brave itself. This is why I think it is a similar issue to that the Windows build suffered which was fixed in the latest windows version.
If I install the uBlock-Origin extension then when the problem occurs the extension icon goes yellow which I believe indicates a communication error. Again similar to what was reported on the Windows topic.
Hope this helps.

You can get crash reports from crashes that occurred in any profile from any other profile in the browser. Can you please try launching Brave, then creating a separate profile in addition to the one you already have (maybe name it “test”), then try enabling uBlock Origin in your main profile and try to produce the crash again?

Once it crashes in your main profile, simply launch the test profile and visit brave://crashes and share the crash report ID with me here.

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Understood… hmm I didn’t get a notification about your reply, but yes I’ll do that!

Just to call out with the settings I’ve now got within uBlock-Origin and in Brave ref blocking trackers etc… So far no crashing … Fingers are crossed.

Argh, it just crashed with the yellow uBlock-Origin icon showing but alas I’d got crash reports turned off in settings. I’ve now turned them on so next time hopefully I’ll have logs to report.

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