Brave Community 'New Ideas Category'?

Hello @Jacalz , @alex , @suguru, @sriram, @clifton, @anon1255531, @Serg, and @brad,

I’m relatively new to the Brave community but was wondering if there is a specific Brave Community Category solely for submitting new ideas to our Brave community so that anyone, developer, or not, which I am not, can propose any kind of new ideas to the community for public review, and, of course, upvoting with likes any worthwhile ideas and so that our Brave Community Developers have a much better sense for the kinds of things the Brave Community at large would like to see developed by Brave Community Developers. I have a host of ideas but just wanted to know if there is a specific Category for doing this before just randomly posting any ideas in other random Categories. If there isn’t a specific “Newly Proposed Ideas Category” in this Brave Community then do y’all feel like this idea is worthy of creating a new category that is solely just for submitting new ideas? Anyways, all thoughts are welcome but just want to know the best way to submit new ideas for public review by Our Brave Community.

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Hi there. Welcome to the Brave community.

I don’t know if it is exactly what you are looking for, but the Brave Feature Requests category might be a good place to start. New ideas are always useful.


Thank you @Jacalz Brave Feature Requests is now on my “ideas” to do list.

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