Brave Browser (Sync Tab Missing )

hi all since updating all my brave browsers to latest version I’m unable to see my sync code is this due to the errors from the previous version

I have Brave On Desktop, Laptop & Android Mobile

Hi @Darkside, welcome to Community!

Sync has been temporarily disabled. See:

Thanks Aaron will this be eventually resolved I’m trying to sync everything up, do U Kno Buch about the rewards area as well? I’ve just sorted and verified everything

We don’t have an ETA for sync, but it’s a priority and the team is working on it. Thank you for your patience and we apologise for the inconvenience.
If you have have any questions about Brave Rewards, it may be best to start a new topic.

is this still the case? I just installed and there are no syncing options to be seen.

Thank you.

@bashfulrobot, yes sync is still disabled and the team is working on it.

Hello, Aa-ron

Just to get an update regarding this topic
I´m a new user of Brave and I’d like to be able to sync Windows and Android

Curious is that at Android you can still see the Sync option enabled.


Because it’s only temporarily disabled for desktop @lmonteiro. Some information can be found here


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