Brave Browser NordVPN ad

After installing the Brave browser on my Mac, I immediately got a notification to install NordVPN endorsed by Brave browser (with 30-day money back guarantee)

For a browser that declares itself as a privacy tool, should it really be endorsing any specific VPN apps?

I don’t need to make the case of the risks associated with this, since NordVPN got hacked anyways, in what I should say was very sloppy security measures.

I understand recent issues with NordVPN, but it shouldn’t stop a company from advertising.

In addition, that was Brave Ads, an opt-in feature that allow user to see private ads and earn BAT.

You can disable/enable it anytime at brave://rewards

I appreciate the replies, I have now disabled the ads.

For me the ads as notifications where unexpected. Thanks for pointing out where to turn them off.
I did not make the association that Brave Rewards Ads were those notifications (maybe the notification should say something like this is an ad.)