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I am using Brave browser on android.
For the past 4-6 days there have been no ads and nothing works.

But when I used the browser on another android phone the ads work just fine…so this is not a region or ads campaign.

Also after the update my BATS reduced from 58.5 to 37.5.

I dont understand why would this happen. Kindly, anyone help in this matter.

I’m also facing the problem regarding not receiving Brave Ads both on my android and PC.
The notification is set to priority level.

Is anyone going to help around here? I thought the brave team is very prompt and helpful???

I am just one other user, and there’s plenty of good info in this forum. You may want to check out Few Tips for Those Who is Not Receiving ADs and/or FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?, which contain tips to check on PC and smart phones:

We are working on a number of ads/rewards related adjustments to the system on our end. We appreciate your patience as we work on this:

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Thank you, for the reply. I hope the ads not showing on the browser will get fixed soon. I can’t even uninstall & reinstall the browser as I will lose all BATS.

The problem Started since 7 or 8 and I did an update from playstore. That fixed it, showed 1 or 2 ads and then it stopped again…I updated again as there was another update on playstore next day and since then no Ads at all.

It’s been like this for 10 days now.

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