Brave browser compilation problem

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Deploy the compilation environment according to the wiki in the brave github repo and download the required source code

2.Execute npm config set target_os win and npm config set target_arch x64

3.Execute npm run build Release to start compiling

4.After executing the npm run build Release command, the compilation is suddenly interrupted and an error is reported

Expected result:

Compilation works without interruption

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Because it has not been compiled, there is no specific version number for the time being

Additional Information:

ERROR at //brave/components/constants/ Assertion failed.
assert(brave_services_key != “”)
See //brave/components/metrics/sources.gni:6:35: which caused the file to be included.
brave_components_metrics_deps = [ “//brave/components/constants” ]

Not a developer, but it looks to me like it’s just looking for that value to be non-empty.

Maybe when ‘official’ builds are released there is some secret key they pull from an internal repo or key vault for talking to their services? Or perhaps even set fresh on every build. I wonder if you could trace out where that value is normally set? There must be a clue someplace.

In which case maybe you can just set that to some non-empty value (a few characters maybe) and see what happens? I imagine some kind of ‘service’ would fail during runtime but it would be interesting to see if the build otherwise completes.

components build can be compiled normally, but the compiled Brave browser does not seem to have an installation package

I’m not sure what version this broke in but so far this error has gone back to v1.35.103 at most! This version came out back on Feb 16, 2022

To reproduce:

git clone --branch=v1.35.103 ./gitrepos/brave-browser
1233 cd ./gitrepos/brave-browser/src
1234 npm install
1235 npm run init
1236 npm run build Release

Its not the same error but its still broken.

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