Brave Ads stoping to show up


I´m realy enjoy the Brave Browser and since yesterday the Brave Ads also. After I changed my region and language to my home country Germany the Brave Ads works perfectly and some ads was showed and i get a some token. Since a couple of hours I´m not getting any Ads notifactions so far. In the rewards setting the ads are enabled and the frequency is set to 5 per hour. To test it out, i enabled “Ads” in the dev version of brave and there it works perfectly. Have anybody a solution for this problem. I would appreciate it. In advance, thanks.

System: Windows 10/ Brave Version: 0.63.48


I have exactly the same issue. Fixed the Region issue and it worked fine for a few hours. After 5-6 hours, it stopped working.
I guess it’s a global issue.

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