Brave Ads not showing in Italy using Windows 7

I have Brave installed on one PC and one Notebook.

The PC ads show and are counted properly on Windows 10.

On my notebook using Windows 7 Brave ads never show. I believe I may have had some ads shown very early but I don’t remember. For some reason I have 0.3 BAT but after the first days, I noticed that wasn’t seeing any.

Problems began perhaps a week ago.

I am also not able to access my ad history. There is no link. Perhaps because no ads were shown in the past week.

I have activated rewards and checked all settings. After waiting several days no ads are seen. I see 5 ads a day on my other Win 10 PC.

I deleted BAT and reinstalled it. Still no ads.

Is it possible that Win 7 doesn’t support Brave ads? Are there certain OS settings that need to be activated?

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