Brave 1.29 on IOS

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Description of the issue:

Since a few days every time I start the browser I get a Norton360 warning saying that a URL is unsafe (see image) e

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Close brave
  2. Restart the app

Expected result:

No Norton warning

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Mobile Device details

iPhone XS, iOS 14.7.1

Additional Information:

It might be of help if you could take a screenshot of the content after clicking on View full report. The current screenshot doesn’t tell much.

I ran the URL through a VirusTotal check, nothing suspicious. Check it for yourself via this link:

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Sure, here is a sceeenshot

I can’t even access the website on my end. I don’t know why Norton are classifying it as “spam” but the good thing is no security vendor recognizes the URL as malicious, so it could be a false positive in the end.

Hey @sponkers & @Rethanis

The URL is part of Guardian’s infrastructure, specifically our payment verification. The server is contacted by the app upon launch to restore any potential subscriptions that are not yet active. No personal data is exposed, we only see the App Store digital receipt which, if you are not subscribed to the Brave VPN which is powered by Guardian, is practically empty.

This URL being flagged is weird to me but we will check it out. Could you please forward the URL of the full report here so that we can let Norton know that we’re not scamming or spamming anybody and got through their verification process.

For further details about us here are some links for you

Hope this helps answer all your questions


Thank you for the clarification, @tzeejay. I wasn’t aware of URL’s origin, it’s nice to know for future references!

Yeah there are boring legacy reasons why this service is still run from that URL. I am in the process of slowly moving things over to * subdomains but things take a little while.

We are trying our best, but having our subdomain or even entire domain flagged while not running anything outbound etc. is concerning. Hopefully we can get that resolved asap with Norton


Here is the URL

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