Bookmarked open tabs automatically sorted into categories on open

Bookmarked open tabs automatically sorted into categories on open.


  • make navigating tabs easier
  • reduce distractions
  • clarify the tab’s use
  • make the UI less cluttered
    There could even be system specific tabs (eg. tor, google, bing, etc.) Please consider this improvement.

While editing bookmarks users would have the option to add it to a saved category on launch.

An auto sort… no way. The code would have to correctly assume where everything would go & that would require, for starters, a lack of user autonomy. Sometimes bookmarks make standard sense, but most of the time, they don’t. I have my own system & so too does everyone else.

An auto-sort feature in this regard would be about as useful as the overzealous autocorrect on iPhones which usually just results in people having to correct the autocorrect anytime they want to express themselves by playing with language.

As far as Bookmarks go, there’s three main things to fix:

  1. Let us see ALL of our Bookmark folders in the dropdown menu when adding a new link / editing its title.

  2. Let us remove old Bookmarks in a folder by pressing Delete when highlighted. Currently, we have to dig for the Rename & Delete options.

  3. Allow us to rename a link by double clicking on it when highlighted in a folder.

Those three changes alone would go a long way to resolving the gripes about the feature.

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Thank you for your ideas, I meant to specify (and have now updated the post) that users would have an option when editing the bookmark to make it launch in a saved category. Does that clear things up?

It does that already.

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Reading your reply, I understand more of what you mean. Not folder per se, rather you’re suggesting the ability to say “Open Link” in Private vs Private with Tor. As for opening in different browsers, that defeats the purpose of using Brave.