Bat's Stock Price for publishers


I have a little question !

If the Bat’s Stock Price inscreases during 30 days confirmation (or the other way round), does the number of bats in the publisher fits? And during the verification phase for payment?

For exemple today 7.5$(1 confirmation 30 days) = 19 BAT, but if BAT decrease or increases it’s not same ! Number of bats fits ?

Yay!! Nice question. I didn’t think way till now.

@steeven @eljuno can you answer for this please :pray:

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its fixed with price when you got confirmation

Oh, then it completely depends on our :crossed_fingers: :rofl:

it depends when you got confimation

I’m waiting for confirmation from a moderator, but if that’s it… it’s kind of a shame.

Hello @TWIIST, @bacdat09 is right. The amount of BAT you’ll receive = following the BAT price at the time it’s confirmed. You can see the details on your creator statement.

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