BATs received via Twitter


i have registered Uphold account when I transferred some BATs first to my Uphold account. And now I have 7.6 BAT on my Uphold.

Some hours ago a friend of mine sent me BATs via my Twitter page again, but I can’t find them on my Uphold page.

Should I do anything to make the BATs appear in my Uphold account?

Thank you!

Hi @sf890 - the BAT sent to you a few hours ago will be a part of your April payout. There is a freeze period during the first week of every month.

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In addition, it’ll be available on your dashboard first, before it’s paid – 6th every month, US time zone @sf890.

Thank you. Let’s wait. :slight_smile:

My’s Twitter page indicates last transaction as

“added 2019-08-07”

So, will it change soon?

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