When will have my BAT?


I have earned some BAT the last month. Leaving the fact that the amount of BAT earned this last month was decreased (this is a bug already known) I have another problem. These some BAT (are 1.2) are not reflected at my creator account. See yourself:

My question is: Where are my BAT and what needed to do that the bat at my browser be reflected at the above account.


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Could someone from the staff answer please?

Hi @rolak - can you PM me the email linked to your account? Thanks!

Done Steeven! Hope to have an answer from you. Thanks!

Hi @rolak - the payments are currently processing.

Hello @steeven Thanks for answer. I had my 2.2 bat from a member of uphold and are reflected even at brave rewards.

Glad to hear that you got your BAT!

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