BAT Pending Rewards Stuck

Hi, I have been using Brave Rewards for couple months, but in this last month (March) my Pending Reward Stuck-Freeze at 5.285 BAT. My UPHOLD Wallet is Verified and I was disable Automatic Contribution all the time.

Payment Date change - Good
Pending Payment Stuck (5.285)- Bad

I still receiving Ads but not as Notification, only by this:

Verified this Ads:

Ads Verification - Good
Ads Monthly Counting Stuck at 0 - Bad

I am quite surprised that with the capacity of development of this project (Brave) this type of problem continue existing. You should focus on solving this problem (Bug) before moving on to more projects. I hope you can solve this quick as possible, It is quite annoying continue seen this problem (Bug) when they should have been controlled time ago

Thanks for attention.

Hi @Dyehuthy, payments are still processing - April 2021 Brave Ads Payout Status.