Backup and Restore Brave Browser


I see various ways to backup and restore Brave.

Can someone update me with the latest? Need to backup from Windows 10 and restore on Windows 10.


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Just copy entire profile folder, could be easiest way to save everything.

It all stays the same and is all based on what you want. For example, if you do what @2ParsecAway then you’d lose all your passwords unless it’s being restored on your same exact user for Windows. But if you go to a new device or user profile, then the encryption would be lost and passwords not shared.

Sync isn’t meant as backup, though people have used it as such. It works so long as you have multiple devices overall. But challenge is Sync hasn’t been too reliable lately, with my current sync chain being broken and not syncing for about 24 days now. The solution to fixing my sync issue is going to be to delete the sync chain and then sync devices again. But even once that’s done, I have to make sure not to choose History. See, Brave screwed up and it can’t support full history anymore as it eventually hits a limit and breaks. Dumb…right?

Anyway, official method is just to export/import passwords and bookmarks. No way to do official backup on the rest. Though you could try to copy/paste your User Data or \brave-browser folder, but keep in mind passwords will be encrypted based on your OS keyring, so if password or username changes and you try restoring via the folder, passwords would be permanently lost as encryption credentials would be different.

Great thanks. So all my extensions will have to be reinstalled? And have to restore each of those wallets?

Basically. If you sync extensions or transfer the User Data or \brave-browser folders, they can resolve themselves sometimes without you having to go through the extension store to download again. But Brave doesn’t have anything set to export/import for things like extensions necessarily.

What wallets? If you mean Brave Wallet, then you’ll have to use your seed phrase to restore the wallet.

If talking about Rewards, then it would be seeing it as a new browser/device most likely but it’s not like you lose anything. All payments are made directly to Uphold or whatever, which is where your BAT is kept. So you’d just activate Rewards, link again, and things would work the same as always.

Thank-you. I was referring to 3rd party wallets and extensions. This will be a manual process. Thanks for your help!