Automatic WEBS Page Translator


I have been wanting to use Brave Browser for a long time but to date you don’t allow me to do so.

I am a Spanish speaker and although I can understand spoken and written English (more or less) it is not my native language.

I consider it impossible for me to use it for News, Information or any other use that is more than purely entertainment.

Anyone who spoke two or more languages ​​knows that it is not the same to study or understand information in your native language than in another language, especially if you lack vocabulary and do not use it in your day-to-day life.

That is, my Internet use is approximately 60% in English and at first I could only use Chrome for its translator (I have been using it for many years) which despite not being perfect with a little practice, knowing a little English and working on it a little bit I could understand any web.

Now there is Edge with Translator and other functionalities.

Until now, I am resigned to using them against my will. I prefer that they sell my data to being ignorant or wasting my time (which is the only thing I have and I have a long way to go …) in translating pages and pages or a lot of daily information because it would not advance anything.

Yes, you have noticed … I love Brave’s policy (I consider it coincides with mine) of respect for others since within its philosophy, Brave does not treat us as mere merchandise from which to extract more and more money at the cost of our privacy and personal life …

But you do NOT allow me to use it and I think that many Spanish speakers (we are almost 1,000 million in the world) would be with me.

So I urge or suggest, as you prefer that I tell you, that if possible an automatic translator be added to its native functionalities. Either in optional mode, free extension or whatever.

I think it was necessary to make the comment so long in order to try to better explain my request.

All the best.