Anybody having flickering issues with media playback?

So, after the most recent update, I have been having playback issues over YouTube and Twitch where the screen begins to flicker every once in a while (yes hardware acceleration is off.)

When HWA was on it would flicker like crazy when I move my mouse over to the player, don’t have the issue with any other browser but with Brave, with HWA off it doesn’t flicker when I move the mouse over but as I am watching a video or a streamer it would every once in a while.

This isn’t the first issue I have had with Brave, I haven’t had this issue at all after switching browsers from Brave to Vivaldi and after upgrading my PC hardware and reinstalling Windows I gave brave another go, and seemed the issues were gone until recently. Anyways the last issue I had with Brave was out of sync video playback on any video. Youtube, Twitch, Plex, etc. and went through the same troubleshooting i did reset Brave, turned HWA on and off and that didn’t work so I went back to Vivaldi that gave me no issues in video playback at all.

Brave is a great browser, but it has its flaws that are in need of attention.

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CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x
GPU: GTX 1660Ti
RAM: 16GB 3600 (plan on upgrading it to another 16GB later)

Like I stated it doesn’t flicker on me on other browsers like Vivaldi, Chrome, and Firefox

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