Android- Can't claim rewards

Everytime I try to claim, I get an “oops, something is wrong” prompt. It’s been happening for almost a month, every day. I’ve looked online and it seems to be a semi common problem but with no answer for how to solve it so far. I took some pics:

Bumping this so admin can see

Screw this shitty browser. I see some mods have replied to other threads so it’s clear they pick and choose what to answer and ignore any “hard” problems. I’m going back to chrome.

Sorry choc Brave’s 2.1 billion market cap can only allow for a skeleton crew here, have you downloaded safetynetcheck from the app store and confirmed you can pass ?

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Looks like I failed but I’ve never rooted or jailbroken my phone before. Oh well. I always liked chrome better.

Thanks for helping

Np, Maybe your phone was rooted or modded in the past unless you bought it new, also theres an app on the store that can reverse and correct these checks for some, unfortunately I can’t remember it’s name

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I did buy it off of ebay so it’s mostly likely that.

Thanks for your help. I’ll look into that app you mentioned.

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Bump. I’ll keep doing so until a mod answers me.

Why don’t you try having a look around, at other similar topics?

Tried searching but the search option is ass. Also I already spent a good hour trying to figure out how to use what you linked to no avail.

You clicked on the hyper-link and it took you to another topic… do it again, read it - it’s not long, I promise - and ye shall be rewarded.

Edit: You won’t get much out of life with a defeatist attitude. You can do it - how could you not, with the Internet at your fingertips? :upside_down_face:

Bro don’t be a smartass. Not everyone is good at technology. I spent around an hour messing around with magidisk trying to install modules but there was no option.

Bump cause admins can easily fix this

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