Allow to Increase "Frequently Visited Sites" at Home Screen

Currently, we can add only 12 sites on the home screen, that we frequently visit. It will be great if we can increase the number of frequently visited sites (Like Opera).

Thank you.

Planned work.

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I just switched from Firefox to Brave today. I too would like more than 12 sites. Firefox lets you have much more. Pleas update Brave to allow more Frequently visited sites. Thank You

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Yeah! Firefox has ton of frequently visited sites. It’d be super cool to just open the tab and click which site we want to go to if we get many results. 12 Feels like way less for a heavy user who does not always want to navigate to search URL and type the URL

Also if increasing the count, it would be better to use scroll bars instead of tabs that have to be clicked on. Clicking is slow, mouse wheel = fast. Looking forward to the changes.