All my BAT disappeared from the app

Hi ! i installed and started to use Brave at the end of 2019 Summer (on IoS), and I had 20 BAT at this (which came to something like 20,3 BAT after a moment), then I stopped.

At this time I could see the BATs I had in the app, but when I came back they disappeared

Also, at a moment the reward system stopped and I couldn’t earn tokens no more by the Brave app

How to recover ? I never uninstalled Brave, I only stopped using it so I didn’t see what was going on

PS : I’m using the latest IoS version right now (14.7.1)
I didn’t make any transfer, the BATs were just there, written on the App (Brave Rewards icon, top right corner)

Thank you very much for your attention and your time !

The rewards system for iOS had been stopped long ago.
See the article over here:

But I don’t know what happened to your Stored BATs

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