Ads not giving rewards again after working fine this weekend

After the update last week I had the same issue on my Windows 10 desktop pc as many others with the ads and rewards and that problem was solved in a day. It has since worked fine over the weekend but today on Monday April 9 it stopped working. I do occasionally receive ads but they do not count i the reward system. I have not done any changes at all to my system. I simply botted up my pc this morning and noticed the reward counter wasn’t moving.

Is there anything I can provide to help clarify the problem?


No ads here and new tab ones don’t give me BAT.
Where are you from?
Maybe it’s the same problem I speak about here: Ad showing up that is not from my region - #7 by atchoo

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Could be as I’m also in Europe


Fixed here. It was an ads catalog problem.

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It’s also working on my end now

It’s up and down, they must be working on things

I’m having issues as well. I do have ads turned on. I am receiving ads and clicking on them, but I am not getting any BAT as a reward for doing so.

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