Ads coming but ads counter not working/counting brave desktop browser

Oops I read without as with, sorry. But you are lucky bro that you are getting ads. :clinking_glasses:


When the counter was not working I got too many ads but now its 3 4 ads in a day

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Same thing happened with me. I felt after counter starts working I’ll get ads as normal. But not so. :frowning:
Anyways, will this be fixed someday ? :thinking::woozy_face:

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Hi, please wait for the next release which will have the fix. Thank you


Are you using the same wallet on multiple computers? Thanks

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For Stable you need to wait for the next release please which has the fix which has already been added to nightly, thanks

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no ads like before , its been more than a month no ads nothing , earlier it was so good , no complaints , please bring it back brave team


I am not getting ads in ios browser from past 20 days. Is there a way to backup my iphone brave browser wallet and restore it after fresh install?

Still not working for me…hasn’t worked since first installed…will it ever work?? :thinking:


I am having the same issue. I just updated to 1.15.72 and noticed that my BAT has not been accruing, its just stuck. Also i am noticing that I havent been getting 5-ads/hr.

I’ve been clicking ads as they pop up to see if something changed to accrue, but its just stuck at .85 for Oct.

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Hello everyone it’s weird that it been quite now loool

for eveyone who updated to the latest version

Version 1.15.75 Chromium: 86.0.4240.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

could you report if the counter work fine now
please notice i am talking only about the counter now

for me it work fine thanks @tmancey

and have a nice day everyone

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As above please update to 1.15.75 to resolve the issue. Would be great if you could confirm the issue is fixed. Thanks

Updated to 1.15.75 in windows 10 x64 (2004) at the beginning can get some ads after restart the PC (less than 6 for a day)

Ads Counter is working BAT estimated is doing well but after a days until now no more ads

I am using VPN all the time and do received ads as usual before September

Anyway thanks to hardworking Brave Teams

Windows 7 32 Bit 1.15.75 Brave Version not a single ad after update.

Same here windows 7 32 bit and version 1.15.75. Registered 3 days ago and not a single ad

@Cocacola123 @Wilford12

check this

and please stick to the topic of the post

this post about you getting ads but the counter does not work
and have a nice day

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I’ve been getting Ads since I downloaded BRAVE, but the Ads are not counted, and I’ve received 0 BAT since I download BRAVE in August.

Hello @judochop

what is your platform and the brave version ?

I no longer receive ad notifications now. Unsure if the counter is working now or not since I’m no longer getting even ad popups.

We all are facing the same issue here. Don’t know the fix will come this year or not.