Ad blocker is not working

Its ad blocker is not working in many sites

Hi @Ungga123 - thanks for reporting. What OS and Brave version is this?


I tested on Android 10 (One plus 6/Brave v1.6.0). Getting a few items being blocked in Sheilds @Ungga123

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Android pie and brave version 1.6.0

@Ungga123 can you try with ‚ÄúRegional ad block‚ÄĚ enabled under Settings > Privacy?

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Possibly disable that ‚ÄúRegional ad block‚ÄĚ setting if enabled

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Thank you to all
I really like this browser its is fast , secure and clean but it will be more awesome if there will be a data saving option or lite mode like google chrome

Thanks for the respone you guys are amazing

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