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When are we getting an account provider for my region, west africa, ghana to be precise.

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Nobody knows. Uphold used to operate in Ghana but has the country restricted for now. If they remove the restrictions, you’d be able to connect now. Until then, just have to wait and see what will happen. There’s no ETA for any specific country or for when new custodial partner will be added.


Ok thanks but can i create this custodial system for the west african region and how?

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Yes and no. when I say custodial partner that references places like Uphold or Gemini. These locations are crypto exchanges, which are kind of like banks. Brave only has a partnership for Gemini (United States only for now), Uphold (many countries), and BitFlyer (Japan only)

Uphold has restriction on Ghana where you can’t create an account now.

Gemini supports Ghana, so you could create an account there. However, they are prohibiting any connections from Brave unless you are from United States. So it would not do you good if you were creating and hoping to link Rewards to Gemini any time soon.

I’m not entirely sure what countries BitFlyer services, but I do know they only allow Users from Japan to connect Rewards to them. No other country can do it.

And as to the next custodial partner Brave is going to add, they haven’t revealed which it will be. So it might be possible for you to have an account with them, but it would be purely random and no way to intentionally do it now. It also would do you no good now in terms of Rewards.


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