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It would be helpful when you want to look up a link that it automatically goes to a new window. Instead of when you click the link now you lose the other links you were looking at previously.

How can I add the Butekno.net to the search results?


is brave launched webmaster tool so that I can see the brave search data about my site IDMLover.

Maps results in Brave Search are terrible. For instance, I typed in “welding supply San Jose Costa Rica” and it returned a map of San Jose California.

I wish brave would let you see your IP address when you type IP on your Android, you can do it in brave it works but not on the Android

I have two problems with Brave Search and both are damn irritating:

  1. Language: Why do you presume that despite a “local” language not being in my options you return search results in that language? For example, I’m in Spain, Spanish is not in my language list (either in Brave Browser or in my mind) - English is the only language therein. Yet, because of my location, search results spew out a bunch of Spanish links which are of no interest to me. Include a filter in your options that suppresses results by language - do not presume and force thereby that one’s location dictates the search scope and language of results. Presumptions based upon physical location based upon IP addresses are not helpful and should be control-able.

  2. AI: I have not the slightest interest in your AI or anybody elses. I do not want an AI involved in my searches and profferring trite and often irrelevant, even fatuous “advice”. There should be an settings option that permits one to browse without the involvement of “AI”.

Other than that, I would state that your Browser and Search engine appears to be the only refuge for those seeking some distance from MS, Google etc. Thank you for it.

How can I add the abdullahki.com to the search results?