Ability to look up and delete my own personal info from web

Brave search has indexed most of the web, so I was wondering if Brave would be open to have a service that looks up someone’s name (potentially using FrodoPiR) to search the internet and retrieve sensitive personal info that may be online publicly


Unless I am misunderstanding your post, I doubt anyone legit would offer a service that essentially breaches basic data protection laws.

Oh no I meant it as a way to protect someone’s own personal info, just like what

does for their service, so if you have old accounts, brave can find and help you delete them

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Brave already has a safety check feature, and adding checking for breached passwords, emails, phone number and personal info to that would greatly improve that functionality

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My bad, totally get you now - great idea.

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Hey this is a cool idea. You seem like you have put some thought into how something like deleteme could integrate with Brave. I’m the founder of a similar service called Kanary, and always on the lookout for folks like yourself to share feedback on our service. We don’t yet use FrodoPiR but that would be interesting to explore.

A reason why I don’t use a service that deletes my information is because I don’t want to hand my information to yet another service, so if something like FrodoPIR is able to privately show me where my data is, then I can take initiative and delete it myself, that would be perfect :slight_smile:

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