Ability to lock (user must need to enter PIN to off the shield) the "Brave Shield"

Brave browser is a legendary browser that blocks sexual ads,malwares,phishing and malwares. That makes a brave browser used for internet cafe/public computers because some of internet cafes have a no pornography policy and take care of their computers against malwares. And also this browser used by some of parents so their kids will be protected on naughty ads that on random innocent websites. BUT what if someone turn off the Brave Shield and accidentally exposed on malware/inappropriate ads? So it is game over right? Adding a PIN code or Password on Shield will prevent someone from turning it off and make it more cool! This will also add a security on Internet cafe that use Brave browser and also parents that use brave browser to prevent their kids from predatory ads will have a benefits on this feature. What is your toughts about this new feature? It is good or bad? Thank you for reading this.

Can imagine if the user forgets pin/password, they’re locked out of shields. Can imagine the amount of support tickets from people to unlock shields because they forgot etc.

“Forgot Password” button is existed and it can be reset by sending the OTP on the email or phone number. For PC,if the brave is protected by IT admins,they can forgot password it using administrator password on windows. The users can also choose to clear data Brave but some of public PCs are protected by administrator and it is impossible for guest to do it if they didnt know the admin password.