18th MAY and still no MARCH and APRIL REWARDS

18TH may and still no March and April rewards. April rewards only 1/3 was calculated.
two tickets to support and still nothing.
and @steeve will close my next topic asking for more details … with no solution or any word
support is high from expected, but maybe it is a startup and only 2 people work on BRAVE…i don’t know :slight_smile:

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20th May and still no March, April rewards and no answer for 2 tickets from suport.

21th may and still no solution and any word from support

22nd May and still no rewards nd no answer from suport
SCAM !~!!!

24th of May and still no rewards and replay from SUPPORT !!!


I looked over your replies and found two bits of info that added up to:

You probably have a Verified Gemini Wallet.

I may have missed your info:

  • Your computer devices, on which you have installed Brave Browser

  • Operating Systems and OS version numbers for each

  • Brave Browser version numbers for each installation

  • Number of Brave Browser user profiles for each installation

  • Brave Rewards Settings for each installation’s users

  • Brave Wallet Settings

  • Other Wallet Settings

  • Your Gemini Region

  • Your usage of Brave Browser > New Private Window with Tor, esp. when connecting to Gemini

  • Your usage of VPN, esp. when connecting to Gemini

  • Your usage (or not) of a Brave Browser > New Private Window, esp. when you have connected to Gemini

  • Extensions that you have installed on each of your Brave Browser installations

Ref. material

Gemini instructions: Account Verification

  • https://support.gemini.com/hc/en-us/sections/1260802766949-Account-Verification

Gemini Status: https://status.gemini.com/

Gemini Areas of Availability:

  • https://www.gemini.com/areas-of-availability

Gemini info at Brave Help Center:

  • https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046470011-How-Do-I-Verify-My-Uphold-Gemini-Account-

In support tickets, i gave info i had to give.
there was my operating system, browser version, etc
also I gave information if I have or not geminini verified or not.
and till now no answer from support, - mail or PM here.
and there was no info about things you ask. I don’t know why you ask about it?

Because this is the support category? If you are not requesting support, then you should probably edit your topic title and move this to a more appropriate category. Maybe Feedback or Uncategorized?

Information requested in the editor when you created your topic which you failed to provide. Please provide if you are requesting support.

Please try to adhere to this template when reporting bugs. If you think you don’t need to fill out every section in the template fill out as much of it as you can and please be as descriptive as possible when posting.
<---------Delete this line and everything above before posting---------->

Briefly describe your issue:

What Operating System and Brave version are you using ( Menu --> About Brave )?

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)

What date did you verify your wallet?

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of >supported regions)?

Community members do not need a status update on your lack of rewards and support. If you have submitted the required information and/or DMs, and are following up using those avenues, there is nothing to do but wait until support gets back to you.

From your post, community members are now aware that you are not asking for support and are only trying to make a point (I guess). Please clarify your intentions if that is an inaccurate statement.

Response from moderator a little over a week ago:

If you only submitted ticket(s) about your account being flagged, you may want to submit another ticket about not receiving payouts if you haven’t already. Up to you to decide course of action based on the information only you have.

support can ask for such things not normal users, who can only say what is already on FAQ.

community members NEED to know a status update to know how support handles things and be WARNED !!! to not expect help and rewards for months and years !!!

And because this FORUM is ONLY !!! way to contact support I write here, to get support attention!!! and get some help from them, not from community members who can’t resolve problems with payments.

and like I told - I WROTE TWO TICKETS and still no answer, and staff members lie !!!..so yeh, this is why I think the community should be aware of that. my issue is not resolved !!!

PS. 25th of MAY and still no rewards from March, Aprill and no answer from support.

Can you please send me a DM with the email you used when you submitted your ticket(s) to us and I can make sure someone takes a look.

Thank you

PM send.
thank you

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