not working like before 1 week ago

Can not put in browser to show anything
All is blank. Also if I go to only one item shows up on a search. I have to use another browser to find things.

Can you test in private window mode (on both sites)

Searching for “lights” on menards, then clicking on Chandeliers. Is this what you’re seeing?

All I get are prices below where the pictures are supposed to to be but no pictures

I forgot to tell you this happens on an Apple tablet

When I’ll on my laptop using windows every thing works fine.

@fanboynz just a FYI, I tested on Apple and the issue I end up having is below:

Shields On

Shields off

Shields On

Trackers & Ads Blocking Off

Testing I did was on my iPhone when I noticed they mentioned it was on Apple tablet. It’s on Brave version 1.62 and iOS 17.3.1

What I was showing in the initial screenshots is those green circles would rotate around but nothing ever loaded.

I could click on the area though, like when you said to do Chandeliers, and it would navigate. But again, none of the images would load.

Also wanted to note, I went in and removed all content filters but nothing changed.

Then changed default adblocking to be Standard rather than Aggressive but it didn’t matter. The only way things loaded was if turned off the ads blocking part of Shields or disabled Shields completely. It also did not matter if I loaded desktop or mobile site through Brave’s settings.

@Lngxrx despite testing and replicating your issue on Menards, I have no issues with YouTube. Are you still having troubles there?