Why do the Brave browser developers insist on providing a fake email address?

I’m referring to the Android version of Brave browser on Google Play Store. For years now, the contact email address has been the fake support@brave.com. This is a fake email address. You’ve had years to change it. The fact that you continue to supply a fake email address reflects extremely poorly on you. I’ve personally reported this issue on several occasions, but nothing has been done. Again, this is extremely unprofessional. Kindly supply an authentic email address for support purposes.

idi naxui

ორშ, 1 მარ. 2021, 10:36-ში Mark via Brave Community-მა <brave@discoursemail.com> დაწერა:

I don’t know what that says in English, but the email address mentioned also doesn’t work.

So the issue remains: why does Brave promote a fake email address on Google Play Store?

No it doesn’t. Don’t f**king contradict me. I am right and you are wrong.

The error message received is:
"Hi, thank you for contacting Brave.

Please note that this is not an active support email address and you will not receive a response."

So again I ask: why the f**k is Brave promoting a fake email address on Google Play Store? It’s utterly disgraceful.

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