Verified wallet But i Got claim button for monthly payout

Hello, I have linked my wallet to uphold on August 3, On august 5 I got claim button for the monthly payout. I have claimed it and it was showing in wallet. But not in uphold wallet. i click withdraw funds and it opens up and go to uphold account brave card page. Nothing further

Now the wallet amount go to zero. The amount is not shown in wallet or in Uphold account.

For verified accounts the amount should be directly coming to Uphold right? but i got claim button an f

Hi @sreejithinsony - payments are still processing - MEGATHREAD: August 5th, 2020 Brave Ads Payout Support. They will be processing through tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.

Is this normal issue which i have now? I linked brave to uphold around 3rd august, on August 5 i got claim button. I claimed the ads reward and it came into my wallet. Not in my uphold account. I tried click withdraw funds button in brave rewards page and it open brave cards page in uphold account. Nothing more. My uphold wallet is zero.

After few hours when i check brave reward page the claimed amount which came became zero and it didnt came in uphold as well.

another one doubt is if i link my uphold to m y brave browser after the payout dat, that is if i claim reward on august 6 and it came on my brave wallet… and on august 8 i link my uphold account to brave browser. How this amount in brave wallet comes in to uphold account? Is it automatic syncing, when does it happens, the withdraw funds button in the brave reward page just go to the brave card page in uphold only. so please explain it or share me any details of it if you have

@steeven please help

@steeven hello i have attached the screenshot of my issue… i have claimed my rewards even i had verified wallet. i dont know how to withdraw to uphold… so i tried many times clicking on withdraw funds and it open uphold brave page. after few hours the wallet balance disappeared. i linked wallet on august 3 or 4 something. i have three browser linked…all have same problem.

Please help @steeven why is this happening…

Thank you @sreejithinsony - your issue should be resolved soon, it is related to Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account.


Hope team wil fix this issue soon.

hello @steeven

How many brave can be linked to single uphold , is it 3 or 4 now?

@sreejithinsony - 4 total.

@steeven hello, my issue is still not fixed, i saw in other thread the fix is out, i updated my brave, but amount is not deposited into my uphold. its on showing in details section


@sreejithinsony - please try disconnecting and re-connecting your wallet

@steeven I have done it earlier as well. now also i have done. again. the payment is shown in details section but not in wallet.

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