Using your wallets backup code on two computers

I have a desktop and laptop. I used my code and restored it onto the laptop. Both devices now share the same backup code. The desktop got a grant of 5.0 bat and the laptop didn’t receive for the month. The wallets on both devices show 5.00 bat in the wallet. But the desktop only shows a rewards summary.

So my question is does the laptop still earn bat? or is it going to the original wallet it had that is now lost.

If above is confusing what im trying to say is can i use the same backup code on two different devices.

Meaning both devices will earn bat and showing that now, and both will get deposited into the same wallet? Or would it cause complications? I can’t test due to the rewards not being paid out yet, but only one device got the grant of 5 bats. and both devices show 5.00 total bat so far. So the wallet is synced on both devices.

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