User: Which of the sites I visit supports Brave Rewards?

I’m new to Brave and before I get involved into the Rewards system I want to know which of the sites I visit would actually accept BAT. I want to assess this situation before getting involved, it’s a barrier to entry for me.

I give most of my attention to the sites I have bookmarked, so it would be good if there was some way to “check which bookmarks accept BAT”.

It would also be nice to have some sort of visual indication that I’m on a site that accepts BAT. (This sounds so obvious it must already exist, surely? But I haven’t noticed it.). Maybe someone can post a link of a test site which does accept BAT so I can see if anything happens when I visit it?

Thanks for reaching out!
Check the Rewards panel when you visit a site to see whether or not the site has been officially verified; if so, you should see a checkmark next to the domain name as shown below:

You may also want to visit our Help Center for more information on how to use Rewards as well as other Brave features.

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Additionally, we have a lovely user maintained list over at for a more “all encompassing” list.

Note again that this list is not Brave maintained – any inaccuracies should be reported to the site’s author.

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You can tap the Brave Rewards loin head and it will tell you if that site is Brave verified.