Unable to link twitch account

I am seeking to connect my twitch account to brave content creator.

The youtube successfully linked and authorized.

I was able to get a backup twitch account successfully connected but the desired twitch account connection is not appearing on the list even though on the twitch connections page it says connected. I have matched the security settings for both twitch accounts and turned off 2fa on the account that wont connect, as well as revoked all connections, and changed my password.

Some troubleshooting methods I have attempted:
– revoking the connection within twitch and clicking the authorize button again
– log out of brave content creators profile and twitch and logging back in - also logging in to brave first > then twitch, and then twitch first > then brave
– attempted connection on brave browser, chrome browser, firefox, and chrome android

Steps to replicate:
– add channel on creators page
– “Redirecting you automatically, click here if your browser does not redirect you.” message appears momentarily, then shows “Error 500: Internal Server Error” message
– attempt two: when the redirecting you message pops up clicking the link, it shows a message banner on the next page “Could not authenticate you from RegisterTwitchChannel because “Invalid credentials”.”
– attempt three: log in to twitch and click disconnect button for brave connection labeled “Brave Rewards”, then I see the white popup screen with my twitch profile and authorize or cancel button > clicking authorize sends me into the redirect loop again

A friend mentioned they tried tipping to my twitch channel but I had not set up my account connection yet, so maybe that is why one account would link for me but not the other.

For youtube, I see the item and it says bat earned for current period. after authorizing the twitch channel I cannot see the item on the list for my creators page. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Thank you for reaching out to us. I’ve pinged the Creators team for more information on this. In the meantime, can you please send me a DM with the email you use to login to your Creator account?

Thanks for looking into this, I just sent it!

Can you please try connecting the desired Twitch account to your Creator account using a Private browsing window and tell me if this makes any difference?

Hi @Mattches I have tried it without any success. Here are the steps I took.

– disconnect my twitch account connection for Brave Rewards that says connected on twitch website
– open new brave private browser window
– log in to brave creator
– connect to twitch button > twitch Brave Rewards wants to access your account popup appears > click authorize

Then I am taken to the Error 500: Internal Server Error page. On my creator dashboard page it isnt appearing. I also tried the disconnect and authorize process using chrome incognito window to be sure. If I repeat the process without disconnecting the twitch connection I do not see the authorize connection step anymore though.

Thank you for testing. Let me reach out to some of the Creators team folks and see what else the issue could be.

hi @Mattches thanks for your attention to this. I attempted to set up the connection again today and it is still having the issue.

Happy holidays!

I will continue to look into this – note that many team members are still on PTO for the holidays so response time from the team is taking longer than expected. I do appreciate your patience.

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