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Hi, i would like the implementation of a great feature that chrome has. This feature is very simple and google chrome has it. And it works like this: if you have 2 languages installed, like me, English and Portuguese when i underline a word or phrase in English i right click and from the drop-down menu it shows “translate selection to português” and a small box appears near the adress bar in the selection translated…it would be so good, cause i miss a lot this feature…and makes me go to chrome when i like so much Brave. I look all similar threads and Braves offers to translate the all page to the language i want when you first translate a page to another language than english. I just want the translation of one word or phrase.

More common is the need to translate particular posting - like on Twitter – where only selected text needs to be translated. Can this feature be installed even for us one-language folk?

Hi @DarkAngie, I believe I stumbled into a solution here.

It’s not a change request we need. Here it’ll be only a matter of configuration.

While highlighting one word and accessing the context menu I got the same option as you: “translate selection to english”. I’ve explored that by clicking. That opens a small window bellow the toolbar. And there you can add a new language. Choose Portuguese for instance.

After that when you access again the context menu you’ll see that the entry is now “translate selection to portuguese”.


hi ocular05,
thank you for your input, but that translation: the right and choose “translate all page”. what i purpose is: select one word or a phrase, right click the selection and Brave should translate only the selection and not the all page. Google Chrome has this feature. I hope i had myself clear.
this feature makes me go to chrome, but i prefer Brave…:face_with_diagonal_mouth:

@DarkAngie do you not have the option? For example:


Notice how mine had Translate selection to English?

Doing this would open like below:


And if I want to choose to translate to a different language, I can do that:


I see you deleted reply, so not sure if discovered or not, but do you have Translate active?

This is found in brave://settings/languages

Other thing I’d like to ask is which OS you’re using. I’m on Windows. I’m wondering if that might play a part, assuming yours might be different.

hi saoiray
this is strange.
when i select a word or phrase my dropdown menu is like this:

when i click the page i have the menu you showed on the 3rd picture…so all is well except word or sentence.
i tried everything in the settings on the Language topic, no way, i am frustrated.
i read your reply, and i have language translate active.
so…i am frustrated…i can’t do more that i have done before…jezzz…i am frustrated :frowning:…ahhh…i am on windows 11 updated

Hmm, I’m trying to play with things and see if I can figure it out. Just now I created a new profile and I am experiencing the same dilemma as you, where that option doesn’t appear. The only thing I can wonder is if it might be because of extensions I have, but the translation is occurring through Brave’s translation and not the extension. That option still shows on my original profile even when I disable DeepL as well.

That said, I have been using DeepL for a long time and generally like it better than any of the other translation things available, so you could try using it.


But this is indeed confusing enough that I’ll tag in @Mattches to see if he can help figure out the differences and how things are supposed to work. Also perhaps he could do us a big favor in pinging someone internally to improve on this.

yes…it might be the extension that is creating that option…who knows :roll_eyes:
i will try DeepL Translate
ohh no…DeepL is not free…i got 30 days trial…but this extension can do what i want for 30 days…
thank you for your input…and the help.

Sure it is. I never paid for it. They have premium versions available, but not anything required. is link to one I have installed. Not sure if you just saw them offering premium or what happened to get nervous.

They also have apps you can install directly if you want. I have downloaded and use for when I’m doing more complicated (larger) translations, such as with posts here. That’s all at

But like it shows at there’s limitations on free:

So if lots of text, entire big pages, then they want you to pay. I just haven’t used for that yet.

yes…i found what was causing the error. It was search engine, i had it set to Brave.
when i set it to google search, i can translate one word, ore one sentence…i think it is a bug and must be correct by techs. well, i was using brave search engine and i like it very much, but now i must go to google chrome…
about deepl, i had to make an account and it gave me 30 days trial…:face_with_diagonal_mouth:
but about the translation, it is solved. i must try others engines to see if happens to them

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Oh, that’s only if you created premium. Like you saw in screenshot, one on left is completely free. Then others had trial. But it is what it is.