The Best Browser Of All Time

Hello everyone

I been using Brave since like november 2020 in windows and android, and is been a great time using it. Of course there is a negativity and positivity, for example in the positive side I can set Brave so I can get alot of FPS by typing --disable-frame-rate-limit in the thingy, I dont know what its called ‘sorry’. I need more than 60 FPS because I play browser games alot in Brave. In the negative side somtimes after closing Brave and opn it again, the sites I opened before doesnt come out, wich is sucks because I need to search every site I open before, but is ok, that only happen sometimes anyway. Overall I really really really REALLY love Brave, is by far the most accurate browser of all time.

{Suggestion from me}
It would be really cool if you can upload your own image for a wallpaper or background in the Brave homepage, I dont know if we can do that or not, but if you can please let me know

Thank you ALL of you who read this and Im sorry if there is any typo or any wrong spelling
THX again and have a great day everyone

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