Request support to modify the installation path

Request support to modify the installation path.
E.g:D:\Program Files\BraveSoftware
This is very important!!!

Files are stored in LocalAppData, what is the point of changing Application installation directory if the directory that will be written on will always be LocalAppdata?

The only thing Chromium does is to allow you to set the browser in Program files when you install with admin rights or LocalAppdata when you install without admin rights.

If you need something more advanced, you can use Zip version of Brave, which will let you open it from anywhere, of course it will not have an updater, you will have to manually update.
Or you can use the symbolic link which is the perfectly fine solution, since it will allow updates.
Again, the solution is useless since all the files are not written in their application directory. But Brave allows to use --user-data-dir= to overwrite that location where the browser data is written.

I mean, if you want to play advanced user, you have to play with the rules of advanced users, it’s silly to request to make installation more complicated because 1% of people want to change directory for whatever reason. You have to account that Brave is not alone, it has an updater, so the updater has to also be updated etc etc.

If advanced users can take advantage of advanced OS features to accomplish something then it should be done that way. Most users just was simplicity, even I do, because I don’t want to be asked anything when I just want to manually upgrade my Nightly.

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