Referral link issue

Hi sir,
after a long I tried to refer some of my friends. but there was no referral link on my accccount. please help me.

I don’t believe there’s time left to refer people. They have notified that the program you were doing referrals for is ending. So since it takes time to get people past the checkpoints, there’s no reason to let referral links work anymore.

The original referral program offer stated: “This referral promo is capped at $1 million in tokens. A qualified referral is a user who downloads the Brave browser using the promo link specific to your channel or web site and uses the browser (minimally) over a 30 day period.”

So you see it’s impossible to get 30 days by the end date. They were most generous extending past that $1 million to over $13 million.

still have 2days left bro, I thought I can refer some of my frineds

If you just joined the publisher recently, theres no link for you. Because they closed the publisher registration on October 8, you will not be given a referral link if you joined later on

You can still get paid for the referrals even last minute. After that all the users who will join your link will not be counted.

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