Problem with Brave update

Hi Guys,

I need a little help here. I have had the chromium Brave since release. I have yet to receive an update. When I go check for the updates I am greeted with this message " An error occurred while checking for updates: Update check failed to start (error code 3: [0x80040154 ] I have uninstalled and re-installed Brave. I am now on the latest version. However, this message still appears. Any help please.

I wanted to link a Brave employee to you first, but hope is not completely lost yet:

Since Brave, as you know, is based on Chromium, there are similarities between Brave and Google Chrome.
I recommend that you take a look at your search engine’s solution steps. Search term in this case could be “chrome error 3”.

Let me know if the problem has been solved. :hugs:

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