Page is blocked while it is navigating

Hello everyone.

I am been using Brave for the last months and I want to say it is great! Just today, I had some issues while I was navigainting in some pages. A pop up just appear in the middle of the web page and I am not able to navigate anymore. The pop up say “Adblock detected. You must unlock your Adblock in order to continue navigating” What can I do? Thanks so much

Which site is it?

Send the site, brave team member will look into it.

On temporarily basis just disable the ad-blocker.

The webpage is I have to say that it is not the only one. Is it possible that my country goberment try to discourage the use of this browser? Can I fix it?

A fix will land in the next 24hrs @Pichuqy


Whatever pages there are, just link them. They will be solved.

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