Opening Links from External Apps in Brave iOS App (again)

On iOS, latest version of all software, Brave iOS is my default browser app in place of Safari. When I open a link from an external app, such as GMail or iMessages, and it opens in my Brave browser, the page never populates and the app remains at the New Tab page. The url address gets passed to the url bar but I have to manually tap to set the url bar as the focus, no editing necessary, but just hit (GO / Enter / Return) and then it will load the linked url.


Hi, I have this exact same problem. Did you ever solve it?

Unfortunately not. And zero response from Brave which leads me to assume this is iOS related and out of their control or just not high priority enough of a bug.

@TB1200 I’m unable to replicate on my iPhone.

But then again, I’m also sitting here trying to figure out the method of things. Like if I open a link that is in my messages from Walmart, it tries to open the Walmart app by default. I have to press and hold on the link, then tell it to open in Brave. But when I click on Amazon links or other things sent to me, they open in Brave and immediately load with no issues.

Then when I go to my Mail app and open any links, it goes directly to Brave and the pages load with no issues as well.

The only times I’ve seen something similar to what you’re mentioning is if I click a link within Brave where it might open an external app. So click within Brave and it will open Walmart app or whatever. Then when I return to Brave, it will be a blank white page from where it opened to do the redirect to app.

I’m on iOS 17.4.1 and Brave 1.63.2

Interesting! Any link that does not have an associated app but originates from something other than Brave such as email (gmail in my case), slack, discord, Reddit, etc. suffers from this symptom.

It also seems to apply to the App Store. It opens the App Store, but not the particular app that is linked to. This is a deal-breaking bug. Please fix it.

Can anyone here encountering this issue, can you tell me if this issue occurs when the app is killed entirely (vs app in background)?