I totally agree with the others. The active tab is hard to see at first glance. Does not stick out. I think what slightly adds to this issue is there’s no longer distinct separation/borders between tabs. I can find the active tab if I pay total attention to the tab bar, but I think the OP is referring to “at a glance” as in after having one’s head buried in content and then glancing at the tab bar, there’s no distinction within a second or three. Like trying to find the snooze button when you’re not yet thinking straight.

For instance, If using a dark theme, supply an option to make the active tab white/light with black text. Because right now, the active tab is not nearly distinct enough for practical purposes. I guess I’ll start looking for a theme.

I came to the forum with the same problem.

After messing around with some different Themes I found the “Classic Blue” theme presents the active tab as white and all other tabs as blue.
Now I can easily differentiate the active tab. :slightly_smiling_face:

OP is right. I think something’s changed recently, because the current Brave styling no longer looks like how you describe. Now, the current tab seems to have no special styling at all, making it nearly impossible to tell what tab you’re on. Personally, I consider this a bug or regression, because Brave use to display for me correctly.

I’m on Ubuntu 22, which I suspect might be the problem. The new version of Gnome has a pretty bad redesign. If I go into settings and disable “Use system title bar and borders”, then I can see tabs again.

OP made this post 5 years ago, so I’m not convinced it’s relevant at this point. That being said, there was a design change recently. I believe that the team is already aware that the contrast of tabs in certain situations makes the active tab hard to see and are working on a fix.

For most users/cases, the new design looks perfectly fine and it is clear what tab one is on:

Light theme

Dark theme