Notes/To-Do List On New Tab

I was looking for the ability to include Notes and/or a To-Do list, maybe even integrate Google Keep into the new tab page or similar functionality. I use that page frequently as I used to use Momentum however I’m trying to minimize the amount of extension I’m using. Currently, I just have a tab with Keep open to fill in this gap.

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This would be a nice addition to the New Tab page.


Ya’ll would be quite silly not to have this feature. I don’t want to pull up notepad just to take some notes I’m gonna delete later. It’s a lot more accessible to be able to use a notes feature for big projects as well(writing, things to do, quick research) and then compile later with reference notes to making your final statement(Finalized paper, consolidated research notes, and just using the browser as a ‘catch-all’ type of deal for those who like using few applications).

It makes more sense to have a pop-up extension rather than taking notes on a separate tab to the one you’re on. I don’t know what OP’s issue with extensions was, but the Chromium team recently introduced a new standard for extensions which makes them more secure and prevents them using RAM when they’re not active. So we don’t need to be as wary of them as we used to be.

There’s a lot to choose from

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I think on the right sidebar is better than pop-up.