Not Yet received Bat for October

The payout report is currently generating. Please check back later. Now , 21H November 9th

Do you receive your payment?

I DID NOT RECIEVED MY OCTOBER AND MY NOVOMBER PAYOUT . I asked Steevenmany times but he dont know the problem that why our payments not recieved @eljuno @chriscat @steeven please solve our problems I saw Brave comunity there is many other like me that have the same problem.


Hi @Zarifnadem, as mentioned in our DM, a fix was in place that did not work, and the team is generating a new fix for your issue.

Hi @steeven what is update about new fix I mean when we will recieve our payments ? @steeven

Please see our DM for the latest @Zarifnadem.

I have yet to receive my payment. please help me

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